Twinkles on Mountains

Exhibition , Exhibition, 2012

Twinkles on Mountains
Solo exhibition at Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio, Philippine
Presented by Cafe by the Ruins and Cordillera Green Network
Nov. 14 - Dec. 14, 2012

I work on the theme of "life on mountain" using soil as colors. I picked up soil from mountains. All of them have different local colors. Soil has both energies to grow life and to return the dead to nature. I think about this correlation in our lives when I make soil colors from mountains. To draw the image of the correlation, I often quote the metaphor of Buddhist philosophy called "Indra's net"*, which indicates infinitely repeated mutual relations.

*Indra's net
Indra's net is the infinite net of the Vedic god Indra, whose hangs the net over his palace on Mount Sumeru, the axis of Vedic mythology. Indra's net has a multifaceted jewel at each vertex, and each jewel is reflected in all of the other jewels infinitely.


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