Printmaking workshop in Philippines

2014.03.31 Monday

Workshop using soil colors in Mountain Province, Philippines

NGO Cordillera Green Network has been organized many art workshop project of environmental education in Mountain Province Philippines, where indigenous people live with forest. I have conducted several kinds of printmaking workshop using natural and local materials. The most characteristic material was local soil as paint color. Students picked up soil surround their village and found its beauty. Theme of the printmaking is mostly their folklore.

"Camote(sweet potato) printmaking"
At Lagan Elementary school, Sabangan, November 8 & 9 2012

"Folklore picture books with local soil colors"
At Namatec high school, Sabangan, November 10 and 11 2012

"Folklore picture books with local soil colors"*
At St. Mary's School, Sagada, August 25 & 26 2013

"Making portfolio of woodblock print"*
At TALA Guesthouse, Baguio, August 22 &23 2013

"Annual events at rice paddy of Hapao"*
At Hapao Elementary school, January 30 & 31 2014

"Message cards for Leyte Island"*
At Baguio City High School, Baguio, February 3 2014

* Supported by The Japan Foundation, Manila

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